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Some Nigerian Restaurants Cook With Paracetamol

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Nigerians will do anything just to make quick money, even if it means killing one another as long as money is coming in. From cooking and selling plastic rice to selling chalk as panadol. Now Nigerians have engaged in a more toxic means of making money, by boiling paracetamol and cooking meat with paracetamol.

Nigerian Restaurants Cook With Paracetamol

Cooking with paracetamol among many Nigerian restaurants may seem to be the easiest and fastest way to get the meat cooked and served. One big problem among Nigerians today is short cuts, they are always looking for an easy way out and this has caused so many problems to this day.

Who would have thought that paracetamol used for pain relief will be turned into a meat tenderizer? Unknown to these food vendors and their customers that they are actually killing themselves quicker by heating paracetamol.

Experts have also confirmed that using paracetamol to cook weakens the pain killer property and when this happens, it becomes acidic and very dangerous to the body. When paracetamol is cooked, it is hydrolyzed into 4-aminophenol, very toxic to the human liver and kidney.

Paracetamol on its own is dangerous to the body, and when cooked becomes very toxic and can damage the liver and kidney in a very short time.

Cases of Kidney failure

There is a rise in the number of people with kidney failure in Nigeria, and as a result, many of these patients die because of poor medical care. These restaurants serve large members of the public which helps increase the number of kidney failure patients.

In 2016, a report by the Nigeria Medical Journal stated that Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is Nigeria’s biggest public health problem.

In 2018, the Nigerian Association of Nephrology (NAN) confirm that 25 million Nigerians live with kidney failure, partly due to the consumption of meat cooked with paracetamol/panadol.

Nigerian Restaurants Cook With Paracetamol

What Is Hyperthermia And How Is It Treated?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning in 2013 on paracetamol, taking paracetamol can cause some of the most dangerous skin diseases in some rare cases like:

The study also shows that constantly taking paracetamol for pain relief leads to the toxicity of the liver, and in some cases, they require a transplant.

I still ask myself questions after finding out this evil act, Why Nigerians, Why? Must we engage or associate ourselves with evil things.

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