Friday, October 22

Christiano Ronaldo’s Return To Manchester United

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Christiano Ronaldo started his football carrier in Sporting Lisbon and moved to Manchester United, where he made his most remarkable appearances by becoming the first Manchester United player and Premier League player to win the award of the world best footballer of the year.

He still retains that position to date in England. After an impressive carrier with the Red Devils, he made a record signing to Real Madrid to challenge Lionel Messi of Barcelona consistently to win four additional world best player awards.

Christiano Ronaldo

This helps Real Madrid to clinch more champions league trophies for three consecutive seasons which no club has ever done in the history of football. It’s always a challenge when you reach a peak where there is nothing competitive to challenge anymore.

As a known progressive player, he deemed it fit to move again, this time with an Italian league Juventus where he is currently playing. As Ronaldo grows older, his skills refused to grow old due to hard work and discipline. 

He has satisfied all his Fans by giving them something to celebrate and remember with. 

Christiano Ronaldo

One thing that is inevitable in the life of all footballers is retirement. And it will be a great honor if he signs his last move to Manchester United, one of the greatest clubs that set his carrier pace.

He holds the record of the most consistent player of all time.

What are your thoughts towards his return to Manchester United?

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