Friday, October 22

Davido Accused Of Pregnancy.

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A lady accused Davido of pregnancy while his wife was about to deliver a new baby and later said that it was a mere joke. Who does that? When the world is fighting rape and other related social vices, you ignorantly came on social media we assume as hell to make an expensive joke! If the world is devoid of gullible people, maybe the attention you seek may not have been granted because those who hunt Tigers in a Rabbit’s country do not bother about the Rabbits.

I am disappointed in the lady’s attitudes. Therefore, I gently ask Davido to go ahead with the litigation so that it will serve as a deterrent to others.

If this matter is not treated accordingly, trust me it’s an open season with the gate of hell opened for such Jokers.

These ladies didn’t consider the opportunity it will avail mischievous followers to attack the reputation of the Celebrity which may eventually lead to termination of existing contracts he has with big organizations, the trauma Davido’s wife may go through or even the psychological damage it will have on the unborn baby.

Common that’s a prank taken too far! For everything wrong we do, there are consequences we have to deal with.

This will send a strong message to others not to lose their minds to involve in gross misconducts of any kind.

To the ladies who drew up this charade, may your prayers touch Davido and wife to express fairness and mercy in their reactions.

“If you must chase what bites, you better be armed”

Let’s know our limits.

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