Tuesday, June 28

Deadly Fire Outbreak In Onitsha, Anambra State

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A sad day in our land!

The inferno that happened in Onitsha, Anambra state wouldn’t have occurred or effect of the damage not severe if our government were proactive in delivering good governance to the people.

All they know is embark on anti people’s policies that will benefit them alone without conducting need assessment programs to undertake projects the people deem fit to enhance their social lives.

For how long shall we continue to chase a black Goat at night hoping to make success when it’s obvious we are on a blind impossible mission?

How can a Big Market and a state not have effective safety facilities to intervene in situations like this even when it has occurred severally in the past as reasons to address it?

How did we allow our consciences to erode to the point where human lives don’t matter anymore?

We are good at compensating victims without setting out measures to prevent further occurrences.
It’s disheartening that in difficult times when individuals are striving to gain their livelihoods, unfortunately, more unexpected crises are erupting for the worst.

Time for the government to put all competent hands-on desks to find a resounding and lasting solution to all irregularities that may lead to any loss of life in our society especially in commercial and other densely populated places.

Let me use this opportunity to proffer a few ideas and hope the government adopts them for their perusals and implementation. These Heavy Trucks should undergo proper inspection by a team of experts in related fields before certifying them operationally fit to plying on major roads.

The Truck drivers should be subjected to routine examinations and possibly psychiatry evaluation to satisfactorily ascertain their competence and health statuses at all time.

Unfortunately, we have a government that does not take recognition of the welfares of employees. That is why most Drivers sleep on the roadside to enable them to economize costs of operations and low allowances approved for them unprotected and exposed to terrible environmental challenges before continuing their driving the next day.

These are pressing matters in need of attention by our government.

The time frame for all Trucks entering into significant cities should be enacted as a law to prevent indiscriminate accidents and dangerous traffic on busy roads during working hours.

I think it’s time for the government to address marketers who refill and sell inflammable cooking Gas where no fireproofs are adequately put in place to contain any case of fire outbreak, most especially near residential places and unsafe environments.

The current fire outbreak in Onitsha wouldn’t have been soo terrible if the unsafe acts and unsafe conditions by Marketers trading dangerous materials like the inflammable Gas, were not going on in the market. I believe with this sad experience today we will learn from it not to happen again.

Lastly, the fire service department should not have a control unit alone, rather establish other branches across localities for immediate response in a time of eventuality as a service to humanity.

How dire these challenges are today makes it necessary for the government to promptly swing into action because If we fail to plan in order to address tasks before and ahead of us, we will definitely be planning to fail and fail again.

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