Tuesday, June 28

Hundreds of boys freed from an Islamic school “torture house” in Nigeria

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About 500 men and children rescued from an Islamic school torture house in Kaduna State Nigeria by the Nigeria Police.

The sad story making headline across the globe today is happening right here in Nigeria after the police raided a building believed to be an Islamic school.

This happened as a result of a tip-off to the police about the activities in the building. Ali Janga, the Kaduna state police chief has described the building as a “torture house”, a house or human slavery.

Islamic school
Strong chains on innocent boys rescued from Nigeria torture house

About 500 men including children age 5 were rescued from this building alone, most of them on robust chains. These men and children were tortured, sexually abused and starved of food.

Eight suspects were also arrested during the raid, these suspects are believed to be teachers from the school. All the rescued men and children were happy and thankful even though some of them had spent many years in chains in the building for a simple crime of trying to leave the school.

Some of the punishments the received were starvation, hanged to the ceiling, flogging with cables and sexual abuse.

Some of these children were sent to the Islamic school by their parents to learn Islamic studies and some from as far as Burkina Faso, but unknown to them of the crimes committed against the children.

islamic school torture
The suppose Islamic school for learning “torture house”

The free captives are been kept at a camp where their families can visit to identify their children.

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