Friday, October 22

Moral obligation to future generations

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The future depends on our moral values

To those ladies who are sexually harassed by their Bosses, should begin to speak out without prejudice.

Make sure you gather evidence to help you seek justice and fairness.

Innocent and hardworking ladies are suffering psychologically in secret because they do not want to be stigmatized.

These sets of ladies are blackmailed to remain silent even till marriage, especially those who still intend to retain their jobs.
There is more going on than the eyes can see which demands an aggressive approach from whistleblowers, human rights organizations and the government to investigate this ugly act that is in dire situation today.

In every society where morality is not checked, the future is likely to be gloomy with all good values eroded.

The degenerated situation we found ourselves today was predicted a few decades ago which depicts the moral obligation to future generations but because they were not addressed, it became realistic and hurting.

If we are to get it right again and preserve what is left, we must begin to sanitize our minds and cultivate an attitude that will produce a sound environment for the rebirth of a refined new generation.

“Protect women today and they will preserve the world for tomorrow”


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