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Nigeria Bleeds With Failure Of Leadership!

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As far back as 1983, the great writer Chinua Achebe wrote the book “The Trouble In Nigeria.”
He highlighted the failure of leadership as the major problem impeding the growth of the country.

There are many challenges mentioned like that of corruption, indiscipline amongst the people amounting to lawlessness, social injustice. This is ravaging the country but leadership in particular in every country determines or plays a major role in what the country wishes to achieve.

Haven gone through the whirlpools of public life and gazed upon the shifting political current, waiting for a favorable moment to ask why the devastating situation cannot be contained and reformed, concluded by adding insanity to the dire challenges we face today.

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The reason for this inclusion is because we as a nation naturally endowed with all kinds of God-given resources. Those generating massive revenues for our collective expenditures and other unmeasurable untapped resources yet we wallow in poverty, ignorance, and self-destruction.

Nigeria Bleeds With Failure Of Leadership!
Nigeria Bleeds With Failure Of Leadership!

One alarming emphasis which blew my mind was the news reported in The National Concord newspaper on 16th May 1983 revealed by the then Minister of communication. The paper revealed that the Federal government was losing N50million every month as salaries to non- existent workers “ghost workers”.

In a year, N600million is lost in a particular racket that is capable of constructing two international airports, which will be similar to Murtala Muhammad airport in Lagos, a dual express motorway from Lagos to Kaduna, three Refineries, or comfortably pay salaries of 10,000 workers on grade level 01 for 40 years as that time.

What then would the news of loses in other federal parastatals look like if not overwhelming?

The decays we face today are as a result of nonchalance and gross misconducts of our political elites displayed in the past, instead of cultivating a progressive and refined moral as our foundation.

The inability and unwillingness to address these national deficiencies have degenerated to division and collapse of all institutions that define a nation.

division and collapse of all institutions that define a nation
Division and collapse of all institutions that define a nation

Words can not explain how lost and exasperated to know that failure of leadership has been a scourge from time immemorial.

Not having faith in the government for individual integration with competent qualifications is the jinx we need to break if we are to redefine that which represents our values as a nation and make it a good precedential foundation.

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We should think again with an open mind what we want the future to hold for our children and the unborn.

Today we are more castigated than any other in the world. So if I am to suggest, I will call for a different aggressive approach that will enable individuals who have acquired global practical experiences in different tasking fields willing to revamp the situation for the benefit of all.

The solution rests not only on these classes of Technocrats but on the old Political leaders who feel a tingle for positive change and are ready to unclench their hands from the authorities.

As the former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Charles Soludo says “What Nigeria needs right now is economic restructuring and heavy lifting from its current economic condition”.

Together we can do it.

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